Working with farmers to
promote SOIL READY

We are in manufacturing activity, producing GREEN Product and providing GREEN Energy for regenerative agriculture. We at PM Agriscience, are focussing on soil and working with farmers to promote the concept of SOIL READY, in creating such soil status, which can facilitate both crop and farming system switch over.

Any soil, to be responsive to productivity and Quality with such switch over, has to be healthy with desirable level of Humus, Organic Carbon and trace elements readily available to the plants.

Soils across India with continuous use of Chemical fertilisers over the years, has become sick requiring quick resetting to increase HUMUS content and ensure availability of all trace elements in soils.

So SOIL READY concept by PM Agriscience, promotes enhancing HUMUS content in the soil up to 3% with increased availability of trace elements in a naturally balanced form, which is ideal to get positive productivity response from any soil and prevent likely drop in productivity, with Crop and farming system switch over.


It is a unique, Organic, soil fertility stabilizer
Containing 1.5 % Bio- active HUMUS


  • It has higher CEC which enhances soil nutrients availability
  • It provides 11 essentials nutrients in readily available ionic form
  • It improves soil physical structure by binding soil particles and enhances soil porosity
  • It improves water holding capacity and reduce moisture stress
  • It enhances growth and yield parameters
  • It enhances Organoleptic factors to give unique taste to fruits and vegetables.



Timely Nutrient

Increases Soil

Enhances Yield
& Quality

Increases farm

Agriculture History

Civilizationally Agriculture was part of our daily activity, which began around 9000 BCE


Agriculture in the Indus Valley was solely dependent on GOOD QUALITY SOILS. A range of food grains were grown to feed the population. Animal Husbandry was part of Agriculture.

In the Middle Ages, Indian Spices from south India was shipped to Mediterranean regions.

Having faced severe drought and replacement of food crops by commercial crops during British era, when country underwent famine, it resultied in food insecurity and had to look for foreign Aid to feed the population.

Agriculture revolution in the 60’s, with introduction of dwarf variety of Wheat supported by Chemical Inputs and Irrigation, slowly made the country, progressively enhance its food production, leading to country, becoming a food surplus Nation.

Today with a global population of 7.9 Billion, shrinking arable land, surplus disposable Income with the population, the shift appears to be from, Quantity to Quality.

Health consciousness,COVID pandemic and conflicts in many Geographies is throwing up new opportunities and challenges to Nations.

To harness the new era opportunities, both local and global, meet Quality requirements of consumers and importing countries, the challenge is to quickly change over to the crops in demand and focus on Quality requirements.

For both farming system switch over and meet Quality needs, soil health and its fertility status will play a vital role. So the need of the hour is to quickly focus on soil and make them suitable for such farming.

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