Our Mission

To develop affordable, ready to use, quick performing, Crop & soil neutral, non chemical Soil Regenerative Products to improve soil health by enhancing Soil Humus to facilitate regeneration of soil bio ecosystem and increase productivity and quality of crop produce, while reducing cost of farm production.

Our Vision

In the fast changing population dynamics with higher disposable Income with changing preference for food quality and developing Geopolitical scenario, with production and supply chain disruption, India can position as a trusted & reliable supplier of needed Agri produce to the world. In meeting such demand both in quantity and quality, our Agriculture, must gear up for switch over to crops in demand and Farming system to meet quality parameters, without drop in productivity levels.

Soil Ready

PM Agriscience with its SOIL READY initiative will work closely with farmers in ensuring soil health improvement, with enhanced Soil Humus and stabilising soil fertility to facilitate soils to be ready for any crop and Farming system switch over without drop in productivity and quality of crop produce.

Regenerative Farming

SOIL READY, accelerates the process of Regenerative Farming by enhancing soil HUMUS, which resets Soil Bio Ecosystem, facilitating sustainable multiplication and continuous activity of soil microbes, resulting in accumulation of soil organic carbon, leading to sustainable regenerative farming

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